You are unlikely to find all kinds of businesses on a single platform. No platform would list Businesses like vegetable cart, street food vendor, Tuition teacher, stationery shop etc because they don’t spend money on advertisements or leads.


We, the consumer, need all kinds of products and services.


HopZop is your local search engine, where you will find all kind of business (Big, Small, Home-based etc.).


And just not find them, but also communicate with them over a phone, chat or visit them.

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  • Do you own a shop?
  • Are you a Home based or Part-time Business?
  • Do you provide services at customer location like Plumbing?
  • Do you own a business on the move such as Vegetable cart or Pani Puri Stall?

HopZop is a FREE platform, that helps you

  • Reach more customers in your area
  • Grow your business with free and high-quality leads
  • Keep your customers up to date about my new products/services & current offers

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There are a lot of platforms that help you discover businesses near you.


However, it is a struggle to find all businesses on a single platform. This happens because these platforms focus on those businesses who buy leads from them. Consumers are shown ‘high paying’ businesses on top of the search results. Consumer’s numbers are shared with these ‘paying’ businesses, who spam the consumer. Businesses, who buy leads, aren’t necessarily happy as several doesn’t convert into business.


We sincerely believe that each business, regardless of its paying capacity, should get equal opportunity to get discovered by consumers.


Therefore, we created HopZop!