What is reverse bidding and how does it work in HopZop

The script on Reverse Bidding

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Is your mind confused to buy a new product but don’t know where to search for? You are ready to spend valuable time by browsing the different website to buy a product you like & fail in your searches.

But here is an easy way out to do so!

Switch off your laptop and download the app called “Hopzop”.

Hopzop is the real-time platform where deal & discount hit the customer mind & you can take the service you were looking for.

Reverse bidding hopzop

  • You have to share your requirement in the bid section & we’ll give the glimpses of 360 solutions in front of you like Buying a new product (Eg:- A TV Model)
  • HopZop circulates the requirement with various vendors and chooses the finest deal along with an updated version.
  • Vendors bid for the requirement. With the help of our thousand registered vendors, you can pick the best deal.
  • Vendors are posted on when their bid is lowest or when their bid is no more the lowest. But amounts are not shared.
  • This helps Customer gets the best deal and at the same time providing a potential deal and sales growth for Business…

So, in an easy way, you can bid for the right price & product and we’ll get it done for you.

Download the app now!






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