How real-time help in more customers and sales

How real-time help in more customers and sales

How real-time help in more customers and sales

How real-time help in more customers and sales

As the market is becoming more compulsive and competitive day by day, every competitor is trying to adapt and execute new steps to generate the “New Acquisition” and acquire the old one.

As the digital marketing is growing and expanded the roots within a fraction of minutes to match the brand in various categories either E-commerce, BFSI, Travel, Health, Education, Gaming trying to plan their roots in the digital world.

But, doing so is as simple as it looks like!

As technology is getting smart day by day and so the customer. The complete digital market is acquired or based on “Cashback or Discount”.

For Example- If you are providing a flat discount of 50% of leather shoes, then you are not acquiring the new customer but it is same as “Icing on the top of the cake” because the user is interested to buy from your website as there is a discount. If on the next day other e-commerce is offering him a discount of 60% then my dear friends, you loosed him right away!

How real-time help in more customers and sales hopzop

SHOCKED! Right……

But, have you ever thought of overlapping your customer future mentally?


Not an issue, we are here to provide you with the mantra to increase your new conversions and retain the old ones without any loss.


This is the mantra for you to achieve more and more sales and build up your funnel of customers.

  • What your customer wants right now is real-time tracking and delivering the same at the right time is acquiring him.
  • Providing him with the right solutions on the points they stuck is real-time tracking and doing so build a “Rope of Faith” in their minds.
  • Sharing new deals, discount, and launch at the time they demand or require is the right direction one business owner should choose.
  • Show-casing your digital hospitability and working on the rate and reviews can even turn your “Cold Customer leads into the hot one”.

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In sales and marketing, a business owner will jump step by step if & only he or she reaches the right targeting and the intent of the customer. If you are very quick to understand the customer expectation from your services, then you are on the right track to change the funnel of cold leads into the “Acquired Customer”.

Doing so, require a lot of patience, depth analysis of customer behaviors, working on their feedback and going back to them with the executed results. Real-time is the second form to distribute your services in a very speedy and genuine way.

Seeing the current competitive trend of the digital platform, it is very important to catch your leads at the right time with the help of calls, Chatbox or right time revert on their complaints will be a magnificent opportunity for you to convert that leads into a long go.

It is up to you, either you can be slow like a tortoise or win the race like a lion does!

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