Getting familiar with HopZop Citizen App

Getting familiar with HopZop Citizen App

Getting familiar with HopZop Citizen App

Getting familiar with HopZop Citizen App

Every week, play-store is gathered with new launches of apps featuring new technology to make a human effort and life easy. Everyone person gives on their effort and money to meet the competition of digital India, so we are!

In the play store, if you are looking ahead to an App, where within fractions of minutes everything near you or worldwide is visible then my friends you must check out the app called “HOPZOP- the real-time tracker”.

Here we go to show the very user-friendly interface of “Hopzop” app-

  • The app is attaining the classiest look with a growing India in the background & the logo over it.

When a user enters it, the app displays the screen in front of you where you must switch on your current location as we would require the location to show the best deal near you or worldwide as per your interest.

But, if you are interested in ordering the food right away, then my friend turning on the location will help u a lot as the platform will showcase the best & the right deal according to the area vendor.

Also, moving ahead from location a pop-up will appear a search box will pop-up category every user-friendly search category like-

  • Best Restaurants
  • Pubs & Bars
  • Nightlife
  • Food & Beverages
  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Accommodation

These are some most searched category from the user-prospective but they’re a lot more wherein you can search for the product or service you are looking for.

Hopzop is 100% in terms of serving you the right product in terms of quality, quantity or expense. We believe retention in the market is only possible if one is retaining in the customer’s heart, so we the app layout and features are similarly designed.

In the app, at the top of the left corner, there is an icon like 3-4 horizontal lines. When a user clicks over it a slide bar open and showcases the options like-

Getting familiar with HopZop Citizen App

  • Login
  • Home
  • My Saved Location(s)
  • My checked-in-places
  • My reviews
  • My Favorites
  • My BookMarks
  • My Bids
  • My Profile
  • Settings
  • Help

All these features are integrated on the app itself, to give the best experience to our valuable traffic.

In the market, there are tons of apps working on the same app function as we do, but surprising the customer will your valuable time is what makes a good picture and so we do.

So, if you are stuck up in finding the best location to chill of with your friends, best location to plan your honeymoon or in case of an emergency which hospital near to you are ready to save your life then “Hopzop’ is the right app you must install very fast and quick.

Because we believe our layout can become the solutions to your problems!