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Public Toilets:

Public toilets are a small building where people are allowed to use toilets. Most of the public toilets are available for use by the general public, Travellers, Employees, etc… The toilet is a necessity. Whether we are at home, at work, at the mall, at a game or on vacation there is something we will need every day and that’s the toilet. So, If you are out of your home, you can use public toilets near to your locality. The reputation that public toilets have gained over the years because of Swachh Bharat.

Swachh Bharat is a national-wide campaign in India started in 2014 under the prime minister Narendra Modi. Swachh Bharat mission is to mainly focus on cleanness on streets, roads. After this campaign, the usage of Public Toilets increased to 96% in all over India. This survey was conducted by an independent agency to support the Swachh Bharat mission.

Swatch Bharat mission aims to cover all rural and urban areas. A total of 6 Million public toilets constructed under Union Government’s Swachh Bharat Mission – Urban (SBM-U). Of these 6 Million, 30 thousand public toilets are seen on Google Maps. This Data is accessible in real-time using HopZop Mobile App. This 30k public toilets are constructed across 700 cities in India and can be accessed using HopZop app.


Public Toilets in Bangalore.

Bangalore – The top notch in Information Technology and startup but lagging in the cleanliness of the city. Bangalore was placed at 210 out of 433 cities for cleanliness in Swachh Survekshan survey. BBMP – Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike responsible for civic amenities and some infrastructural assets of the Greater Bangalore metropolitan area. BBMP is responsible for constructing public toilets in Bangalore and the main aim of the city is to focus on making the city free of open excretion.

5 Crore has been granted under the Swachh Bharat Mission program to construct public toilets in all the zones. These zones including Malleswaram, Jayanagar, Whitefield, Majestic Area, MG Road and all other major areas in the city. Areas like Malleswaram, Jayanagar having nearly 50k daily visitors and public toilets are so crucial to prevent from public excretion.


Sulabh Shauchalaya – Pay and use Toilets.

Sulabh Shauchalaya International, The biggest nonprofit company aims to provide public toilets. Till now Sulabh Shauchalaya constructed more than 7500 public toilets all over India. They are maintained by Sulabh Shauchalaya international organization.

Sulabh Public toilets complexes are on Pay and Use basis is an important landmark in the field of community health, hygiene and environmental sanitation. Sulabh toilet complexes are located in public places, bus stands, hospitals, markets, and slums.

HopZop allows you to search for the nearest public toilet around you. Hopzop provides all the data in Real-Time. You can select the best one based on user reviews. According to stipulated guidelines set by the mission, there should be a public toilet in every 500 meters.


Public Toilet Safety

  • Health Fitness ArticlesIf you are using a public toilet then you must be very much conscious about the toilet safety as we all know that a public toilet is used by a majority of people.
  • A variety of people use such toilets. Among them, some use carefully while some people do not know the manners of using a public toilet which demands extra clean environment. So it is necessary that you must keep in mind about the safety of the toilet.
  • In some toilets, we find to much garbage while some are portable and there are tanks present for the sewage and that is wasted regularly.
  • So some precautions are necessary for health issues in a public toilet. A public toilet as used by so many people is a great place for the production of bacteria.
  • So one must wash his hand just after using a public toilet and then he must open the door not by touching his hand directly but he must use a paper towel for the opening of a door where so much bacteria exist.
  • You must keep a bottle of hand sanitizer with you and it must be applied on the hands just after washing hands. It will prevent you by the bacteria and will be the safety of your health.
  • Disposes able toilet seat cover or pieces of toilet paper must be used on the seat of the toilet while you are using it as this is another place for the production of bacteria.


Find Public Toilets Near You:

HopZop covers a huge range of categories to search with. If you are unaware with HopZop complete category list click on the above link to know. With the help of HopZop, you can simply search for any nearest place you are looking for. You can set radius if you want.

HopZop Realtime business directory

Finding better public toilet is somewhat more complicated nowadays because most of the people use it and some may not keep it clean. This causes most of the bacteria around it. With Hopzop you can go to the best Public Toilet based on people reviews.

Hopzop works in real-time to update information about these Public Toilets such as whether it’s opened or not, Amount they were charging, etc…

Download HopZop Mobile App & IOS App or Hopzop Web App

  • Download the Hopzop mobile app from play store and install it.
  • After installing, open the app, Sign in and Sign Up are optional, Once you installed Hopzop mobile app.
  • A popup will request for your current location, grant it to get your current location automatically in the app or enter any custom location in location option.
  • This video will provide the procedure to search for any type of business near you.


  • After setting up the location, you are a few steps away to find Public toilets.
  • Enter Public Toilets in the search bar and click on Search All. Hopzop will show you the nearest Public Toilet in no time. 
  • Most of the Public Toilets around are of Swachh Bharat Mission. You can also find a list of nearest Public Toilets using Hopzop Web App.
  • HopZop offers Real-Time information, Reviews so you are not alone to find a good Public Toilet around you.
  • Keep Clean, Stay clean with Hopzop’s Swachh Bharat Mission


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