Explore the best among the rest with Mi & M Travel Agency

Explore the best among the rest with Mi & M Travel Agency

Mi & M Travel Agency

Today’s trend of online streaming & unlimited internet has given everyone the credibility to book & manage their own trips in a way they acquire to, but fortunately or unfortunately there will remain some of the corners which industry experts or travel agents can handle more conveniently.

Booking ticket digitally is very much like a horse rider in a ground of horse riding as all run with a motive to win but without thinking about the horse.

Currently, it very similar to the situation of “Booking Ticket through variant websites” as they’ll only show the blossom side of scenery ( i.e discount deals, outer beauty & nearby location”)

Have ever think about your trip to be more planned like a family member do?

Because you can own fully rely on your close one to choose & pick the best deal for you!


Similar work pattern we follow in “Mi & M Travel Agency”.  We are a completely established platform to showcase the best package or the most trend location to our respective client. Our first step to the ladder is customer comfortability & everything else is in the queue for us.

Mi & M Travel Agency follow the mentioned workflow of-

  • Proving the expert consultancy for booking a package
  • Become an aiding hand in selecting the cheapest flight deal.
  • Showcase the hotel that sort your purpose of time-saving, near buy safer locality & homely environment.

More than this, we manage to cope with every logical requirement related to discount, best booking time, random booking or Cancellation.

We believe in taking care of our client as he/she is our Baby.

We have a tie-up in every travel destination or even above that. Our management love to provide the packages in those destinations which are not even mentioned in the client wishlist.

Being a travel booker agency, we ensure that our client relishes every moment with joy & happiness because their review is above every pie for us. We believe branding from an old acquisition is much more effective to increase the sale funnel and build new acquisition.

Why we stand differently among all?

  • The hotel we showcase you is been personally checked by our staff member.
  • We ensure to keep a check on certain points which a customer can’t relate to.
  • Your security is our responsibility.
  • Serving you best under your budget is our ability & pleasure as well.
  • We plan your trip as a Gaudian does.

Moreover, booking a flight or hotel from a digital platform might be very easy & quick, but giving your four days in someone hand who is expertise in making out the best out of it is called “Skill”.

So, I am not going to push you to buy packages from Mi & M Travel agency but believe me you won’t be able to take the break off as soon you enjoy your first experience with them.

The choice is really in your hand because our edge will only be to invest your money in the right way.

Visit us at- Mi & M Travel Agency

We are ready to hear you- 080 4096 7224, 081051 33522

We always welcome our guest- Office No 17, 5TH Avenue Complex Brigade Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001, India


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