Best Summer Camp ideas for kids to look out for in 2019!

Best Summer Camp ideas for kids to look out for in 2019!

Summer vacation is the most awaited time of every teenager. They are profound with enthusiasm, creativity, ability, and naughtiness to live every day best by engaging in different activities.

In the time of technology, mobiles phone is somewhere helping our kids in learning new things every day but besides that, it is the biggest reason for children staying away from outdoor & indoor engagement.

Children of teenage o spend ample of time watching video, movies, cartoon or playing games in their smartphones.
I must say guardian it should not be an ideal case! Every child best friend can only be their own energy, but to boost it up we really need to change the direction of our children, though every school initiate summer camps to see the skills & creativity of their kids, which is the right way of doing it.

Here, I am sharing some mysterious games, knowledgeable actives or engaging competitions that will surely boost up your children moral.

Okay, let’s start with “ PLAYING CRICKET”. Cricket is the most enchanting and appreciated game in everybody childhood. It is an effort of body & mind together that will certainly help your kid to boost up the energy and learn to stay focused. This can be a fun game for your growing child.

Opppps! What about the burning sun out there in the field, so don’t worry “Vitamin D” is also essential to your kid body. Now, let’s talk about something “Indoor”. What strike your mind, Chess or Maze?

I’ll tell you, you can choose any one as per your children ability and affection. If they adore playing chess than it’s your turn to be on the opposite side to guide the right strategy to play it.

Don’t treat them as a kid or play it like that. Give them a challenge and smile after they make you lose the game. Or If it’s a complicated maze lets their mind grab the right way to figure it out.

The benefit of these activities is very essential to understand in which direction & how your children grow. It is a chance for you to analyze their strength & weakness. In the last but not at all the least, let them play with colors!
Colors in any which way will make your children more creative, skillful and brainstorming.

Spray Painting is very cheap & affordable, you only need to give your children a toothbrush and color palette with some tint inside it. You only need to wait now!

It’s your kid turn to change the plane T-shirt with his/her imagination blooming out on the piece of cloth. Brush painting is a gateway for your child to showcase their imagination through it.

Every child has some unique & curious quality our only job is to find it out by using the suitable technique.
What say! Are you ready? Make your child summer vacation memorable with these small but creative fun games.