It’s Time to Rush……. to Amber Rush!

Amber Rush Retro Bar is the love of the young crowd!

The era of breweries, drinks, and beer was always over Coffee and Tea. Young crowd is the real targeting bash that spends hours & hours with their loved one over good food and cheap beers. A mug full of fresh beers is above all for every “Beer Lover” and finding the comfortable place for the same is really a tuff task. Tasty mezes, main course meal, and the best dessert is the real mashup to enjoy along with the Mug full of fresh drinks.

Everyone in today’s life is giggling over new burden and pressure and to retain under such situation “A MUG OF BEER IS EVERYONE BEST FRIENDS” though every city has a lot of “Pubs” and “Bars” but sitting & chilling in the one that really makes you relax with their services of

  • Fast serving
  • Good Food
  • Cheap Prices
  • Impressive and Comfortable décor is the real and right place.

There is a branch of Retro bar named as “Amber Rush” having their presence in “Bangalore & Goa”. The bar is renowned enough to gather an amazing crowd on a daily basis. The bash is mostly occupied in the evening on weekdays and weekends.

But at the weekend night, it becomes the “Second Home” for many just because of their amazing customer service and affordable drink deals.

Catch them over Social Media at – Amber Rush Facebook Page.

The owner of the bar has the full-fledged strategy to attract new customer by offering-

  • Cheapest deal or packages on Festival, Occasions & over weekends.
  • Comfortable sitting areas according to the bunch of people.
  • Lighting, amazing crowd and the best DJ player will surely make you fall for the place

Every place is remembered or known just because of one reason i.e. is “FOOD”. Fresh and tastiest food is the real & only source to create the best image in your customer mind. Every bar serves food along with beer, but “Amber Rush” make sure to serve it in a way customer wants.

Also, this place attracts a lot of crowd due to deals & discount at the right time & among the most potential customer reach.

  • The beer starts from Rs 31 at “Amber Bush”
  • Unlimited beer or drinks package is very cheaper & most frequent at that place.
  • Occasional & festive parties are also one of the reason due to which crowd gets to chill out there.

Other than this, music is one of “Turn On” factor at “Amber Rush” as the DJ Player change according to the days and so do their playlist.

Interior of the place is full of energy, lights and picture-perfect place. They have their two beautiful set-ups in Bangalore and one in Goa.

Amber Retro Bar is the most influencing place in both the cities, and I would suggest you go there, and you will feel relaxed and energetic after chilling out in the best Ambience.


Contact Detail- 095388 92287

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