hopzop Real time business directory

A platform to help you out in finding the best deal!

A platform to help you out in finding the best deal!

hopzop Real time business directory

Are your fed up with the daily struggle of finding out the best rate of your Wishlist, as 2019 revolves around the Internet. Buying new products or dealing with the new service is as simple as changing clothes. But, have you ever been comparative with different service provider websites or an app in term of rate, quality, quantity, customer experience, and real-time status? Have you ever thoughts doing this exercise can help you in choosing the best deal?

Ahhhhhmmm, let me tell you! NO……

Actually, no one does this because we always go for buying something near to our eyes due to which quality, quantity, price, and product warranty is the second priority for all of us.


Sometimes, even if does this activity buying something exclusive like Automobile, electronics or something expensive we put in some effort giggling on another e-commerce website to find the best deal & invest in the same.


HopZop Real time local search engine

We are here to aid you out with a smooth interface provided in an APP called “HopZop- A REAL-TIME TRACKER” available at play store for Android & Apple Gadgets.

This extensive interface offers you a single medium to search in & around the thousand categories worldwide or near you.

HOPZOP always amaze the user with several benefits like-

  • Easy Interactions and layouts.
  • Competitive prices of products or service
  • New added products
  • Best discounts deal offers near you or worldwide.
  • Customer loyalty, experience & requirement is our major folk.
  • Review & Rating to build your trust for several vendors.

HopZop also has the concept of “Reverse Bidding” for example-

  • Customer places a requirement for Buying a new product (Eg:- A TV Model)
  • HopZop circulates the requirement with various vendors and chooses the finest deal along with updated version.
  • Vendors bid for the requirement.
  • Vendors are posted on when their bid is lowest or when their bid is no more the lowest. But amounts are not shared.
  • This helps Customer gets the best deal and at the same time providing a potential deal and sales growth for Business…

Also, one can use this app as “Business Partner” and register themselves as “Business Owner” to do reverse bidding and attract a new customer to build revenue from the same.

Moreover, there are two types of buyers in the market

1)Tech-savvy buyers – Compare products prices on E-Commerce portals and makes a buying decision based on that. Many times these users are not aware if they have a better deal being offered in the same city/or nearby. With HopZop, users are provided with more options to help with a better buying decision

2) Non -Tech Savvy – They do shop from the store. With HopZop, they also get to find the best deal.

HOPZOP” is one of the most responsive real-time tracker apps that really amazes the user with latest deals.

Also “HOPZOP” technology compare the prices under your wish list and show the cheapest deal you can buy under your budget.

More than this, the app also offers extensive option related to the demanded products. Options in terms of tint, variety, model, brand and other stuff.

Your single click will make you land among your wonderful imagination.

A user can get the best deal in terms of the rate by just turning on the “GOOGLE LOCATION” as it will help the app to catch a most attractive and finest deal for the customer.

“HOPZOP” always believed in providing security to the ‘CUSTOMER” & genuine user to the “VENDOR”.

When you search on the app, at the topmost corner menu bar appears with all the options to share more clarity of app details.

Also, there is customer care or helpline option which can give you a clear understanding of your queries.

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